Myth 5: Since statistics can prove anything, it may be used (and indeed, is used) for lying.

Truth 5
It is a common belief that, by employing statistics, one can prove the truth of any assertion and its opposite both at the same time. When a statistical study is well planned and executed, all aspects that affect data acquisition are considered, including those that may falsify a conclusion. When the statistical study is adequate and the data correctly analyzed, useful information is produced. It is true that studies can be manipulated so that results favor a particular view, but it is hard to deceive an individual well-versed in statistics. Incidentally, this person need not be a statistician.

One current example is the debate regarding transgenic corn causing cancer. Some studies on one side of the debate suggest that it does not but studies by other organizations indicate the opposite. The real truth will be known only after good studies are carried out, perhaps for longer periods of time and controlling for many of the confounding factors.

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